Crafty Guppy Goes Into Hibernation

For almost a year, it has been silent on this blog. As you might have guessed, I have been distracted from game development. For now.

The project I picked up after my Facebook minigame, was a game concept I have been thinking about for many years: an RPG Board Game. Back when I owned an MSX computer in the early nineties, I played a game called Runemaster a lot. In this game, you play in a fantasy world against your friends on a board, rolling dices and fighting monsters.

It is an awesome idea, which I didn’t see done well since that time, let alone on a mobile platform. My version would have to be multiplayer too, but not in the sense that you have to wait for your opponents too long. It would have to be a seamless experience, suitable for mobile play.

I started on it and got the following working:

  • A map and map editor
  • Up to 6 rolling dices
  • A character moving on the map
  • A crossroads

Next I was going to do a village where you could buy weapons, armor, trade stuff etc. After that the multiplayer options were on the backlog. This was done in Phaser, which although limited is up for the task I feel.

The reason I did not continue with the game, was two-fold. First of all, I got involved in RosterBuster and I noticed that get a lot of energy from working on a business application that solves people’s real life problems. Second, the Questmaster game concept, as I call it, is not yet fully thought out. I also made some beginner’s mistakes with the code, so I have to start over again. It is just not motivating enough.

Although it’s now on hold, I don’t rule out that I might start over one day. See you then!

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